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Do I need SSL on my website?

In short, the answer is absolutely yes. There is a lot of false information circulating around the world these days saying “If I don’t accept payment or capture information on my website, I don’t need SSL.” This is absolutely false. Read on to see why.

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security protocol for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a browser in an online communication. An SSL certificate is necessary to create SSL connection.

How do I know if my website has SSL or security?

It is fairly easy to tell. Visit your website’s home page. View the full URL in your browser’s address line.

  • If your address begins with HTTP:// then your site is UNsecure and needs SSL installed
  • If your address begins with HTTPS:// then your site already has an SSL certificate and is already secure

Why does my website need SSL and security?

There are a number of reasons that all websites should have SSL security installed and working properly. Some of the reasons are for improved Google search engine optimization, and some are for the safety and security of everyone using or visiting your website. In either case, it is highly recommended that we all be “good citizens and users of the world wide web internet”, and part of that mission is keeping our sites secure from would be hackers, phishers, scammers, etc.

Great reasons to have SSL security on your website:

  • Having SSL security will give you the “green lock” in the top left of your visitors’ browser bars. This tells them that your site is safe to browse and visit
  • Having SSL security shows Google, Bing, and other search engines that your site is legitimate, that is is being maintained, and is practicing as a good member in the internet community
  • Having SSL security reduces the possibility that a phisher could install a tracking code on your site and then capture data about your visitors that the scammer could later use fraudulently or maliciously
  • Having SSL is simply “the right thing to do”. It protects you and others. It will certainly help to maintain or improve your search engine rankings and standings

How to get SSL Security on your website:

Purchasing, installing, and configuring SSL on your existing website should be handled by a website or SEO professional. Here at Local SEO Wrench, we are happy to handle this task for you from start to finish. The cost and amount of time necessary to complete the process will be determined by several factors that we will explain during our implementation interview. Things affecting SSL price are related website size, number of pages, amount of commerce being completed on the site, and the level of security and protection you want.

Give us a call today to make the change from HTTP unsecure – to – HTTPS secure. Your website and business depend on it!